Wheel bearings

I have a 99’ Subaru impreza that has 122,000 miles on it. Every time I turn left, it sounds like something is rotating but it uneven. I took it to my mechanic who explained that I must replace the front passenger side wheel bearing. I got a second opinion at a Subaru specialist who said that the other one (on the driver side) is most likely close to going as well. Common sense tells me that if one bearing is about to go, the other one can’t be too far off. However, the first mechanic is trying to convince me otherwise. I’m thinking about selling this car but don’t know if it’s wise to get both the front bearings replaced or save myself 300$ to use toward my next purchase. Any suggestions?

I suspect the second mechanic is looking for a bigger job. Most cars end up in the bone yard with the original wheel bearings. Since there is no advantage to doing both at the same time, I would just do the one that is having a problem. The other one may outlive the new one you are putting on.