Wheel bearing replacement/bumpy ride

Vehicle is Accord, 87 Model, 180,000 miles.

Recently L/F wheel bearing was replaced.

1. Could my tire have been thrown out of balance as a result of this repair?

2. If the said tire is now out of balance, will this cause an intermitent bumpiness when traveling at freeway speeds?

Tires were last R&B 4000-5000 miles ago. However freeway ride was smooth before wheel bearing replacement.

1. is 6000 miles the correct interval for r&b ?

2. Should I ask the shop to look into this or should I just have the wheels rotated and balanced again if they are due for it anyway?


Once a tire is balanced it should stay in balance. Unless some sort of damage occurs to the tire or wheel or a wheel weight is thrown off.

Just have them swap the front tires with the rears and see if the bumpy ride moves with the tire. If it does, something in the tire was damaged from the bad wheel bearing, and the tire requires replacement.