Wheel alignment necessary or change tyres?

We have a 2005 Toyota Highlander, which we bought in Dec 2004. It is mostly used for short distances driving around town and has only ~8,000 miles on it. We recently had an oil change on our car and the shop said there was uneven tire wear on all 4 tires (around 9/32 of tread on the middle; 7/32 on the edge). They said that a wheel alignment might be needed (although that was based on the evidence of the tires, not checking the actual alignment).

I am trying to figure out whether the alignment is actually needed. My understanding is that if the wheels are out of alignment then normally 1 or 2 tires would be unevenly worn – not all 4. Can anyone give any advice please?

Have you also checked the tire pressure? Is it at least the pressure as listed in the owner’s manual or the placard posted in the glove box or a door jamb? Chronically underinflated tires can also cause outside edge wear.

That is underinflation.