Wheel Alignment 2015 Camry

I just started the Carvana 7-day test drive for a 2015 Camry with 33,167 miles. Looking the service record (had not seen it online - my bad - but the deal was fast) I notice that that there were line 5 items for “Service Center - Alignment Checked” (six) between 1/4/2020 and 3/9/2021, and it was sold to the dealer on 4/15/21. I’ve driven cars with alignment issues, and they are no fun and difficult to get right. We’ll test drive it some more; couldn’t really tell on the short acceptance drive (spouse was driving). Any thoughts about what might be going on?

when buying any used car if your not a mechanic, then bring it to a reliable one to get it looked at. they will be able to tell you what problems they see with the vehicle. its worth spending a few dollars now and not having to spend a boat load after buying it.

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If you are not having any issues with the car driving straight… either it was fixed, or the previous owner was unreasonably picky about how the car drove, and/or possibly the previous owner gave up. Your call whether to keep it or not.

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Thanks both for the input. Carvana makes it =too easy= to buy (and return) a car. We took it out and found some straight freeway sections. It was windy, but there was just enough suspicion of a little left pull, and with that plus with the CarFax report, the trust was gone. Also decided we did not like the black interior (with the white exterior) So, just finished returning it. Good news is we got to test drive it, and we like the Camry, and we ordered a Silver 2014 w 55K miles to replace it. Fingers crossed!