Creaking when I brake?

So I know what brakes sound like when they’re due for replacement…this is a different noise. It’s more of a creaking noise, and I’m not sure if it’s my brake lines or if I need brake fluid? How often should one change/replace brake fluid in a vehicle? Thanks!

If there is any doubt, have a mechanic do a brake inspection. If you have a long-standing relationship with your mechanic, he may do it for free, or you may have to pay for an inspection. Either way they should be able to diagnose the issue.

You can check the brake master cylinder to see if it is at the proper level, but I think you have some other issue that is causing the “creaking”. Some cars come with brake pads that make some noise before they are completely gone, and that may be what you are hearing. Are you sure the creaking is related to the brake system?

Doubt it is a brake fluid issue, but I like to get the fluid flushed every two or three years, in conjunction with a 30/60/90K service.

Also have the mechanic look at the clicking in your second post. It is possible the creaking and the clicking are related, and brakes are not necessarily the real issue.

If I purchased the car at 30k miles, and it’s currently at 106k and I can’t remember ever changing it or refilling it…does that make a difference?

I do have a pretty longstanding relationship with my mechanic and he’s usually pretty good about diagnosing things for free so… I might do that soon.

A brake flush is indicated if it has been 76K miles and several years since you purchased the car. You also need to check the owner’s manual and see if you have done any of the maintenance services indicated (coolant replacement, etc). It might be best to do a 90K service, have your mechanic check out the issues you do have all at the same time. This would get your car up to date, maintenance-wise and help in its longevity.

What do they generally do in a 90k service?

Check your owner’s manual. There should be a maintenance schedule in there telling you what services need to be done and when. If there are services listed at earlier intervals you have not done, those services should be done as well to bring the maintenance current. It also doesn’t hurt to do some things a little early, for example, if spark plugs are called for at 100k miles (I think they are on this car), it doesn’t hurt to do them at 90k miles instead.