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What's wrong with my mechanic?

I was in a car accident at the beginning of last month. More specifically, I was rear-ended, and there was some minor damage to the rear-bumper, the right wheel well, and the trunk. So why has it taken them over a month - and counting - to repair my vechile? I still haven’t gotten my car back, and they keep saying that they are finding more damage… HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!? (Car is a 2007 model; certainly not an issue to get parts.)

They are probably finding easier jobs to put in front of yours. “EASIER” That’s spelled Q-U-I-C-K-E-R P-R-O-F-I-T.

If you aren’t getting good answers and information by phone, you need to pay a personal visit to the shop.

Is this is an insurance claim? If yes, you can ask your insurance company what the “bleep” is going on with your car. Since the insurance company is paying the bill, and also the rental car bill they can get some straight answers.

It Could Be That Your Mechanic Isn’t Getting Enough Fiber. Who Knows ?

Also, there are many other possibilities, but you’re asking the wrong people.

The collision could have caused more than your assessment of, " . . . minor damage to the rear-bumper, the right wheel well, and the trunk."

From your description of the collision it is quite likely that additional damage was discovered, but most of it should have been found all a one time after the car was “opened up”. Vehicles ordinarily have to be reinspected by insurance adjusters and be reapproved before a shop can proceed with repairs that go beyond the original estimate. Sometimes, depending on the insurer, this can be a slow process.

Yes, sometimes parts for 2007 car can be hard to get. Are they using any used or aftrmarket items or all new OE parts ?

Some shops don’t exactly know what they’re doing or looking at.

Some body shop people drink their lunch.

Some insurance adjusters don’t exactly know what they’re doing or looking at. Some are moon lighting 7-11 clerks.

This is when you are happy you elected to have a local agent in a brick and mortar office. As has been suggested, go to the shop for their story (write it all down) and then head to the agency. The folks that recieve your premiums are the ones to help you.

Who picked the shop ? You or an insurance company ? Get satisfaction or demand the car is towed somewhere else with a reputation for quality, timely repairs.


You need to be more aggressive. Auto mechanics can be very lazy at times and will many times only move on something when pushed to do so.

Assuming you are a female, have a boyfriend/husband/father/brother get involved as well so they know you will not be pushed over.

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