What's wrong with my Honda Accord?

When I crank my 99 Honda Accord the engine revs really high and then continues to rev until I put in drive or reverse. When I am driving, the rpms are still higher than what they usually should be. What could be causing this, what can I do to fix it, and how much is it going to cost?

Are you sure the RPM’s are higher than they should be when you’re driving, or is the engine just straining more? If it’s revving high in park, it’s probably throttle related – a stuck throttle valve or cable (I think they still used cables in 99) or a bad return spring on either the accelerator or the throttle actuator (under the hood). Any of these should be relatively inexpensive.

Do you have a good mechanic to take this car to? They should be able to diagnose this pretty easily.

What are your miles and maintenance history? perhaps a tune up is all you need.