What's the Worst Name for a Car?


Make fun of the Veloster all you want, but look at this cool ad :slight_smile:


There were some aftermarket conversions but no factory trucks were built, from what I can find


Now that would drive me nuts in the garage having to go around to the right all the time. Um, bad idea.


I remember that ad. Don’t really get why it would be banned anywhere.

We’ve got one. That color even. The 3rd door isn’t really a nuisance, but then we don’t have kids and rarely have anything in the back seat.

The car really feels like a CRX when you drive it, which coming from a guy who liked the CRX so much that I owned 3 of them and still have one, is a very good thing. Even turns in similar performance numbers, which is to say slow 0-60, but very tossable and fun in the turns.

The only thing I’m not too jazzed about is the DCT transmission. It’s weird and clicky, and the computer isn’t always all that sure of itself so there’s some odd behavior off the line from time to time. I’d have preferred a manual, but it’s my SO’s car and she only likes autos.


Suzuki Sidekick


@shadowfax; Yep, mine is the same color, just got the 6 speed/manual. I am having fun with it. Close to 5K Miles in 3 months so far.


Actually, there was a model 717, but Boeing had to use a different designation (the 717 was a military tanker), so Boeing called the “717” airliner the model B720. Very similar to the 707, but smaller and lighter.

The “707” name evolved from Boeing’s original 367-80 commonly known as “Dash 80” . Boeing wanted refer to l its new airliners as the 700 series.

Rumors had it that “707” was derived from the sine and cosine values of .707, for the supposed 45 degree wing sweepback angle, but the B707 sweepback angle was more like 35 degrees.


Didja get the NA or the turbo car? The turbo wasn’t available when she got hers, sadly.


I’ll drink to that @GeorgeSanJose!


Got the Turbo, the NA would had probably been fine but the Turbo was better. This is my first Turbo and still getting used to finding the sweet spot for the RPM’s.


The Lectric Leopard, from Renault.


From a business standpoint, the worst name for any car is one that consumers cannot remember. Presently, the Infiniti brand is burdened with the “everything is a Q” model scheme and even automotive writers don’t know the names of the cars. Cadillac is second, selling two cars on the same lot called XT5 and XTS. Caddy’s newest concept vehicle (a low-slung sedan) was named Escala. Which are the first six letters of the current name of its largest SUV.


Perhaps there will be a manufacturer-supplied trailer for it like the Prowler had. They could call the trailer the “de.”


I see we did this 8 years ago, in The worst car names ever? No one’s mentioned Edsel yet, which probably was the worst car name for its namesake ever.


Well if Edsel is a bad name, what the hey does Chevrolet mean? Or Oldsmobile? Pontiac? They were all people’s names. Even Ford. Now Ford might make a little more sense back then like ford a stream or something. (This is not a serious response by the by.)


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How about the 1928 Whippet 4WD sedan? :dog2: :dog:


I can’t remember how to do those little smiley faced things but are you OK?


Some discussion in these parts recently of the Hillman Minx . Hillman I presume is somebody’s name, but Minx? Doesn’t “minx” mean a promiscuous or especially flirtatious young woman? Seems an odd name for a car. But it is still better than “Bolt” :wink:


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