What's the trick on cylinder #3?

I finally got around to changing the spark plugs on the wife’s '99 GMC Jimmy (4.3 Vortech) last weekend. I managed to change 5 of the 6 with little problem, but the middle driver’s side plug (cylinder 3) has only a little over an inch of clearance from the steering column. I’m sure there’s some kind of trick to get it out of there that’s eluding me. Anyone with a Jimmy or Blazer got an idea?

Similar problems required a 13/16 or 5/8 wrench be used on the socket. That’s why most spark plug sockets have flanks on the end. I imagine that some people have removed the bolts on the end of the steering shaft to move it or lowered the steering column.

I tried to get a 3/4 wrench on the end of the socket, but the configuration of the exaust manifold made it impossible to crank it. I might have to see if moving the steering shaft will solve the problem. Thanks for the input!

Can you get to the motor mount on that side?? It might be easier to loosen it enough to jack the engine up with a floor jack just enough to get clearance for your extension…