What's the purpose

At Advance Auto picking up some buffing pads and I saw a display that caught my eye.

They are now selling [Fram Oil](FRAM ULTRA SYNTHETIC™ OIL 5W30)

What’s the purpose? I can understand places like WalMart selling their house brand oil. Fram doesn’t make oil. I think it’s repackaged Kendal. I’m not knocking Fram. I’ve never had any problems with their products. I don’t understand why someone would buy oil from a Filter company. This makes no sense to me.

Which name is now more widely recognized by the oil buying public: Kendall or Fram?


Agree they are selling the name.

It is oil with the Fram name just like Oil from a dealer might have Honda or Ford on it . I don’t see why this would even be a concern . It might appeal to people who support a company or brand . In our case since we get a small retirement check from Fram help us by buying the oil and filters.

Why have a vague tread title? What’s the purpose? English class 101

If Fram buys a huge quantity of oil from Kendall (or whomever), they will bet a big discount. They can probably get Kendall to bottle it for them, too, and still make money. That looks like a winner for both. Plus, Fram can expand their business in a time that many companies are standing still or contracting. Unless they sell extremely expensive automobiles, of course. :wink:

Advance Auto is apparently convinced of the importance of brand names. They paid good money for the Diehard battery name, now all their batteries are Diehard brand and have gone up in price. And their ever present discounts don’t apply. I used to buy batteries from them because of competitive prices. Now all their batteries seem to be about $40 overpriced.

AS for the oil, it looks like they think the Fram name is worth more than Advance Auto Parts oil.

Apparently they replaced the Carquest brand oil with Fram, not sure if it’s really the same stuff, it’s not a new concept that if you buy a product in bulk they’ll let you put your own brand name on it. There are a few companies that specialize in private labels.

Name brand trust and recognition is what I would sell if I were a salesman.

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I understand people buying Ford oil…well not really. But many people are duped into believing that only oil from the dealer is acceptable. But this is different. Fram isn’t an oil company.

Why the criticism? Don’t like the thread then move on. Problem solved. Ethics 101

Be concise and clear. Fram oil? Why?
I never cared for eng comp class… Pay attention in school?

Once again I say what is the concern about Fram branded oil ? Anyone with a little thought would realize that the Parts store O’ REILLY’S does not make oil either .

No offense to any of you former Fram employees or stockholders, but to me this would be like putting “Craftsman” on oil in the store. I would just downgrade the product. I’m sure there are some that only buy Fram or Craftsman and they both might be fine quality, but just not for me. Like any business decision, you make a marketing decision knowing you might gain some customers but turn off others. Just a question of how much for each, like the New Coke.

This already exists. Motor oil for your lawnmower, bar oil for your chainsaw and 2 cycle oil for your weedwacker. Craftsman branded oil. People bought it because they were in Sears and they owned Craftsman stuff.

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I guess. The only thing Craftsman i own are my sockets. Just use cheap oil on them.

Have a 1/2 inch socket wrench from craftsman ca 1970, I have put it through much abuse including 3’ cheater bars, wonder if the lifetime warranty still applies!

You’d have to find an actual Sears store first. Back in 1967 I bought my first ratchet. Couldn’t decide Sears or Wards. Went with Wards because of the rubber on the handle. Broke it sometime in 80’s. No Wards store around to honor the lifetime warranty. Bought a Sears I think to replace it.

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It seems to me that when Stanley Black and Decker bought the Craftsman line, they bought the whole thing, including the lifetime warranty. IIRC, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware sell Craftsman tools. Go to one of them and ask the tool folks or store manager about Craftsman warranties. They would process the warranty claim and get reimbursed by SBD. I doubt it costs them anything in the end. You might search the SBD website to see if they say something about it.

Reading comprehension problem? You seem to be the only one not understanding what’s it about.