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What's the difference between gas cleaner, carburetor cleaner, injector cleaner?

The closest to me is 7 miles and not particularly convenient. And one must belong to Costco.

I’m careless about the gas I buy. For the last 13 years I’ve driven only occasionally. I haven’t bought any since February; I didn’t buy any in 2016. I’m pretty sure they’re all harmless. I hope it will dissolve the varnish I should expect and pick up the water. If they do nothing, have been a waste of $1 annually for the last 20 years - c’est la vie.

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The cause of the problem might be falsely attributed, but I seriously doubt the symptoms were imagined by @thegreendrag0n.

OR…that’s what Costco wants you to believe…



I bet there are number of things what will never be settled… religion and gas brands are definitely on the list :slight_smile:


Most of the Top Tier stations means going out of the way for me.
So I’ve used non-Top Tier gas for decades without the use of additives and have no issues ever…