What's the average life of ceramic brakes?

I’m not very car savvy, so help is appreciated! We took my car in just to get an oil change, fluids, checked out, etc. The repair shop said that my front ceramic brake pads are down to 5-10%. Problem is, I had them replaced about 4 years ago and have probably added about 20-25 K to the odometer in that time–does that sound about right for them to need replacing?

If they’re down 5-10%, it means you still have 90-95% of friction material left. So they’re hardly worn.


i think he wrote they are down TO 5 to 10% he didn’t write down 5 to 10 %

Depends on make and model, type of driving, driving style and the quality of the brake pads-- all ceramic brake pads are not equal!

The average life of ceramic brake pads, which may be about 25K miles, is of no concern to you. All that matters is how much life is left in yours. So if yours are down to 5-10% it suggests you can go another 1000-2500 miles. Another two or three months? Replace the brake pads at your next convenient opportunity.

Brake pad life is like gas mileage, your mileage may vary. Some people do their best to hit each light green and lift off the gas soon enough to allow the car to glide to a stop without using their brakes. These people make brake pads last nearly forever and coincidently, also get great fuel mileage.
Other people are always in a hurry to stop. These people go through brake pads and gas tanks very rapidly.

You’re right, sorry. I meant down to 5-10%. As in, I should replace asap in their opinion.

Thanks all for the extra info!

You could always take your car somewhere else for a second opinion, just to keep the first mechanic honest.