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What's Ford Truck Diagnostic Code 5391111111?

My '93 Ford Ranger died on the road three days ago. The motor simply stopped. Battery is good. the engine will crank but it will not engage. Had it towed to my Shade-tree mechanic he is puzzled. Says that trouble code 5931111111 indicates an air conditioning problem but that doesn’t make any sense. Does anyone have any Ideas? The truck is 4 cylinder 2WD.

I don’t think he’s reading it correctly, or he has the wrong tool to read the code and it’s giving him an erroneous number. That doesn’t look right.

Check to see what I’m talking about.

Ballast resistor?

Chaissos and OP

A '93 vehicle uses OBD I technology, not OBD II, so the codes are two digit codes, not 4 digits.

A code of 53 indicates a problem with the Throttle Position Sensor or its wiring (“TP Circuit above maximum voltage”)

A code of 91 indicates a problem with an O2 sensor or its wiring (“No O2 Sensor switching detected”)

I think that the series of 11 codes is more or less computer gobbledegook.

You are correct that someone thinking the A/C is at fault is…not valid.
Perhaps a different mechanic would be a good idea at this point.

Sounds like mass confusion to me. Your title says 53 and 91. The text says 59 and 31. These codes point you in entirely different directions, none have anything to do with the A/C, and none should cause your truck to simply quit running and refuse to start.

It also sounds like your mechanic and/or you are running the codes together. These codes come in 3 sets and Code 11s mean a pass.

There’s simply not enough info known to be able to make a reasonable guess as we do not know if the problem is due to lack of spark, fuel, or even a broken timing belt.

Just to throw something out there, your truck is a TFI model and if there’s a lack of spark the ignition module is always a suspect.
Surely your mechanic has told you what’s missing; spark, fuel, or compression?

I hadn’t even noticed the disparity in codes between the post’s title and the text.

A code 59 indicates a transmission problem.

A code 31 indicates a problem with the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR).

As ok4450 noted, none of these codes has anything to do with the A/C, and none of them should have stopped the truck from running, although I suppose that a really screwed up TPS might be able to do that.

In any event, the OP needs to post the precise codes and likely needs a new mechanic who both understands the difference between OBD 1 systems and OBD 2 systems, and knows how to actually diagnose a problem by the old seat-of-the-pants spark/fuel/compression process of elimination.