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What's a "exchange program"?

Tom, Ray, and to all 7 listeners of the program among which I’m one,

I recently received a notice for a “motor vehicle exchange program” from my Nissan dealer. I drive a 2009 Nissan Rogue. Something tells me there’s more going on here than just “out of the kindness of the dealer’s heart” that they are requesting pre-owned 2009 Rogues in exchange for new 2010 / 2011 or other preowned vehicles.

I know there have been a few recalls on the Rogue but it didn’t seem all that major. My question is, is this a regular occurrence? Do dealers actually buy vehicles back in exchange for another routinely for the stated, or not stated purpose?

Thanks guys!

This is just a clever advertisement to get you to trade your car in for another one.

Tom and Ray don’t read these threads.

That’s just an add to get you to the dealer to buy a new car.
They wouldn’t care if you just came in and bought another car without trading in your current one. They just want you to buy a new car.

Just throw out the advertisement.
Nissan has been sending them to me 3 times a year since I bought my Altima back in December '06.