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What would be a fair price for 4 rims and studded snow tires in excellent condition?

I may have an extra set of 16" WRX rims & studded snow tires to sell in excellent condition that I don’t need from a Subaru Outback. These were only used for a short time in winter. Can someone give me an idea of what I should sell these for? Appreciate any and all suggestions - never bought or sold snow tires before.

If everything is in top shape and the tires are almost new you may be able to get around $600 dollars for the set I would guess.

At least $400-$500 for them and see what happens. Make sure you take pictures of each/penny in tread and capture the condition of in your photo. The rims themselves are not worth a lot(around $50/each) as they are plentiful. Bad time of year to sell them but advertising is always free on (local chapter) or

Look at for costing information and realize people can get steel rims and tires mounted delivered in that size mounted/balanced brand new for around $700 dependent on tire installed on rims.

I remember seeing you ask in another post about winter capability of tires. I would highly suggest hanging onto these rims if you plan on needing any snow capability. All-seasons (with exception of select few) even really good ones still do not hold well in winter conditions compared to a real winter tire.

Theis is a seasonal item so the price naturally depends on the time of year. If you try to sell now, at the start of warm weather, your snow tires are as much in demand as holly wreaths. I doubt if you can find a buyer at $100 for the lot.

Selling time counts more than selling price. If you want fair value, store them for six months. Otherwise, give them away now.

I’d go to Tire Rack . . price something similar, then deduct 15%. Used is used . . . but your said excellent condition on (factory?) WRX rims . . . already mounted and balanced? Good deal for any WRXers out there. Rocketman

EBay them. Let the market tell you.