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A$k for four 17" F-150 rims on which aggressive snow tires are mounted

Nordman SUV 265-70 R17 Winter tires Little used. Excellent condition.
Mounted and balanced.
Were on a Ford Expedition.

Advertise on Craig’s List?
Thank you.

That’s probably the most widely read free advertising forum available. Add good photos and a fair price and they’re sure to sell.

Good luck,

Thank you.
What is a fair price?
Will need to learn how to post photos.

What’s the price new? I’d start by discounting that 50%.

Thank you. I do not remember. Someone donated 3 F-150 rims
and we (non profit) bought the 4th.
Winter tires bought in 2010? Will expire long before we would have worn them out!

Look up the price online to buy a new set. Try tirebarn.
Also look for equivalent tires/rims on ebay.

Tire age? look on the tires and get the manufacture date. Obviously prior to 2010.

this link will provide help

10 years is the upper limit. What the limit is for your tires varies with who you are asking, but one requirement is regular inspections after 5 years.

I’d never buy them if they are 6-7 years old.

I see used tires advertised all the time in the free section of the local paper. Usually super cheap. They have to be by the time you consider the cost of mounting and balancing and the risk from buying from a consumer instead of a dealer. What if one develops a problem? So ya start with 50% discount and maybe more like 60-70% just to get rid of them.