What was this 1969 bumper made of, and how was it made?

I am just thinking of how they make surfboards, from what I have seen on TV, they shape the foam then fiberglass it.

Brilliant. Thanks folks!

From Drivetribe where they discuss the restoration by Lamborghini

The restorers managed to find traces of original paint and leather, which helped to recreate the Marzal as close to its original specification as possible.

The bumpers, consisting of many tiny pieces of rubber and leatherette glued and screwed to the metal structures, provided one of the biggest challenges, but there were some wins too – including the discovery of unused Marchal lights to replace the corroded originals.

Thanks. Yes, it’s truly an amazing car…there’s a reason I am interested in potentially cloning the grill…

I’ll go off-topic

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder

I’ll take it further . . . tastes sometimes change

What was considered beautiful at one time might not be seen as such some decades later

On the other hand, there are some designs which are considered by many to be timeless . . .

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I love Italian design and can forgive most of the “quirks” but my goodness, what a terribly impractical design!

Fish bowl cockpit, no side supports, doors that leak, upside down gearshift and a 6 cylinder in a 4 seater Lambo? It’s like an Art School project designed by a student who’s prior auto experience was limited to driving a Vespa or maybe the Italian answer to the Batmobile!

Frankly, I suspect that the reason “it sat in the open air at the harbour for a year” was because the designer expected that it would be reduced to the usual pile of rust and they’d never have to face it again!:laughing:

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lol, i’m tempted to be baited into a debate, but I know better, haha!! Without a doubt, one mans’ trash is another mans treasure. (For the record, Beancounter: the guy who designed the Marzal is, in the world of automotive design, considered one of the greatest to ever do it. They write books and make documentaries about him; if you are familiar with the Countach, then you are familiar with his work.)

There’s another car that’s not universally considered to be beautiful

I don’t hate it, but there are several designs which I believe have held up better

1973 bumper regs were 5 MPH front, 2.5 MPH rear; 1974 upped the rear to 5 MPH.