What type automatic transmission fluod to use

My daughter purchased a 2000 Nissan Altima a few months ago with a 2.4L 4 cylinder, automatic trans. I believe it has 130,000 miles. I am going to change the automatic transmission fluid and filter but don’t know what type to use. The Autozone repair guide website does not give a fluid type recomendation. There was no owners manual that came with the car. Anybody know what type to use?

Also, does the 2.4L have a timing belt or chain?

Thanks in advance

Check the dipstick. They usually put the recommended fluid type on the dipstick.

This engine uses a timing chain.

The type of fluid is also listed in the owners manual. If you don’t have one get one.

Buy a Haynes or Chilton manual at any auto parts store (Advance, PepBoys, etc). This will have all the information that you need. If you don’t have an extra $25 burning a hole in your pocket, some libraries have them also. I have seen them on sale at discount stores (Ollie’s in my area) for around $10.

Here’s a link to download the manual


The manual states Dexron III for the ATF fluid.

Thanks everybody for your replies. looks like DexronIII is it. I have found the Haynes manual useless in some situations on my cars in the past. Might get the more costly service manual instead. Thanks again.