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What tools do I need to remove/install hood lifts?

These are the shock lifts that hold the hood up on the car. Mine are worn out. Thanks! 1988 DeVille

There are different retainers on these gas lift struts but yours most likely have a ball and socket. Use a very small flat tip screwdriver and pop off the retaining clips. they simply push and pop back on. Use a friend when doing this so the hood does not come crashing down on you.

Cut the broom handle off a broom.

Place broom handle under the open hood.

Take a rubber mallet and hit the old gas spring where it pivots top and bottom.

Take the rubber mallet tap the new gas spring onto the pivot points top and bottom.

Remove broom handle from under the hood and duct tape back onto broom.


That last step is especially important, especially if your wife likes to ride it.

Thanks Tester. We needed that.


So there is no need for removing the clips? Just tap off and then tap on the new one? Thanks

Yes, I have never had to remove the clips separately. they come apart off the ball fairly easily, with the mallet. Any decent wood piece the right length, like a 2x2 or 2x4 generally works if you don’t want to dismember a good broom.

Thanks. I was able to remove the top easily with one slight tap. The bottom has a pointed top that I cannot budge. It is also inside the car frame, so I cannot get clear access to tap with a mallet. I tried to pry off the clip with a screwdriver. No success. Any ideas? Thanks!

WELL FOR CRYING IN A BUCKET!!! I never knew they popped off with a whack. I always installed them with pressure from the palm of my hand but I always pulled the clip. Remember, if your not careful you might learn something. Thanks guys.

I bought a $4 pair of miniature vice-grips and just clamp them on the rod to hold the hood open. Then move them to the bottom of the rod to close the hood. The gas never leaks out of the vice-grips…A friend of mine noticed the little metal clips used on screen door closers to hold the door open when needed…Those work too…