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What to do with my worn out car?

My 1998 Ford Escort is done for. The transmission is on its way out, and will cost almost as much as the car is worth to be fixed. Should I sell the car with the information that it’s broken or sell it for parts or ?? What’s the best decision here for my buck?

There’s nothing unethical about selling it as long as you disclose that you suspect the transmission is failing. Some kid may need a cheap pizza delivery car or want it as a project car. Just make sure you write “as is” on the bill of sale. You could also offer to donate it to a local high school or college that has an automotive repair course; that way you could take a tax deduction for the fair market value. You will get the lowest value offering to a junkyard for parts.

if you take it apart and part it out yourself, you can make more than you’d make selling the whole car even if it was in good condition.

If you don’t want to do that then either donate it to a school like StrongDreams suggested, or call your county/city emergency manager and ask them if they want it for emergency training. Fire departments like to get hold of old junkers to practice for bad wrecks.

List it on craigslist as a parts car.

If you can take a tax write off, here is what Car Talk would say!

For your buck if the car runs you might get a hundred dollars for a running engine and the metal. Maybe.
I don’t buy new cars but I never sell the cars I’ve almost killed. Donate the car to a reputable charity, or NPR. Habitat for Humanity takes them too and it goes right to making homes for families.