What to do with a Flood Damaged Car?

The garage in our condo complex was flooded and our much-loved 2005 Prius was in water up to the door ledge. Batteries damaged, GPS computer destroyed, etc. Dealer estimate of repairs is $9,000 and rising. Even after repair will it ever be the good reliable car it was? Is its resale value forever compromised? What should we do?

Unload it NOW! The complicated and sophisticated electronics in this car are forever compromised. Even if they fix it and get it running again, electrical gremlins will continue to follow. It will be a never ending headache. Have the insurance company declare it totaled, and walk to the dealer for a new replacement. Or, sell it as soon as it is fixed, and buy new. You do not want to try and keep it.

Not to mention possible mold and mildew problems that will arise if the carpet isn’t totally removed and replaced after the metal below is dried out completely, same with the seats.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the flood was caused by a City worker and we should have a claim against the City. We are afraid to contact our insurance company assuming they will just tell us to go fight City Hall. We had the car towed to the dealer before we had really thought things through. What would a sane dispassionate person do now?

As others have said-you don’t want this car.

As for the insurance/city problem. I suppose you could always call the insurance company as a general inquirer and not reveal your identitiy and pose the question to someone. If you happen to have Amica I know they have excellent customer service and are very helpful.

Dump it for all of the reasons above if you can even get anyone to work on it due to the high voltage. It’s your insurance companies problem. They have the duty to defend you and to pay if you lose. You have the obligation to contact them “immediately” in the event of the loss so that they can protect their interests. You are going to get chewed out for not contacting them. They pay you and then if they can collect from the city they will do that and pay themselves back. It is not your problem.