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What to do when mechanics can't find a fault over and over

My car does and had pulled left and right intermittently and I exhausted the wheel alignment and tyres route.

One lucky random encounter with an Audi technician, led me to figuring out the issue was coming from the front left wheel, he got out the car and shook the top of both front wheels vigorously and told me there was play in the front left.

Since doing so the car now pulls left then right then left more often than before so I believe he may have loosened the issue further.

However when I take it to the dealership the car is under warranty with they never find any fault even though I’ve told them what the Audi tech said to look for.

I can feel the play when the car is parked doing the same thing the tech did why can’t these qualified mechanics ?

Any tips or ideas for me


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Have you tried using a different dealership? Warranty work doesn’t need to be done by the dealership you purchased your car from. Have you gone on a drive with a mechanic in the car with you to demonstrate what is happening (in case the issue isn’t being well described on the work order)?

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Seen it a lot in 40 years as front end mechanic. It’s the rubber bushings that keep the rack and pinion steering in place. Dunno if warranty covers wear and tear.

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I had what I called a notchiness in the steering of my then-new 1999 Civic. It would tend to steer a tad left and then a tad right and not be secure on center. Two dealers aligned it but the real solution was one I found on my own: on the side of the rack is a large adjuster nut with a lock ring around it. Adjusting that (IIRC a little looser) the problem was solved.

I thought in your other thread where you claimed you could feel the difference in tires have a couple of pounds difference was the cause of your pulling. Frankly I think you have an over active imagination or what ever country you are in has severely crowned roads.

That is also my advise. Similar to when your doctor says you have to give up drinking and smoking. Find another doctor.


Listen I know how this comes across as I managed to convince myself it was tyres due to being told my car is aligned within spec…so it must be tyres from countless alignment places

However this Audi tech that tested for play when the car was parked up on the road told me I have some play in the front left wheel. When I took it to my dealership to be investigated they came up blank.

The Audi technician when he was in my car noticed how it was handling pulling left and right on a flat road it sometimes even fights itself before pulling in one direction.

I’m just trying to eliminate things it could be control arm bushings… subframe loose etv

When I go over speed bumps there is a slight rattle knocking noise as I ride over them.

And the car also has some bump steer.

The very first alignment I had on the car showed one side of the front ends caster was out of spec but not by much

Sometimes this sort of behavior can be traced to the rear as well. Make certain the rear tires are equally inflated, wearing equally, and then have the mechanics of your choice check it out there as well.

I’ve found bump steer coming from worn struts, too.

Why not just trade this thing in for something else. Life is too short to let a vehicle drive you crazy.

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I can’t it’s on hire purchase and they don’t deem he car faulty despite the first ever alignment being out the day I got it.

Alignment isn’t a fault and when trying to find the fault coming up short

The car is used as a taxi cab so.moment plate was put on it depreciated significantly so.cant sell to cover difference

Driver Side FrontTread (Outside-Centre-Inside) 4.7 - 5.5 - 5.5 mm

Passenger Side FrontTread (Outside-Centre-Inside) 4.9 - 5.1 - 5.1 mm

Tread (Outside-Centre-Inside) 5.3 - 5.6 - 5.8 mm

Driver Side RearTread (Outside-Centre-Inside) 5.1 - 5.6 - 5.5 mm

That technician can’t identify the cause of the play?

Those things will need to be inspected, we can’t eliminate certain causes over the internet.

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He didn’t have it up on a rack I was dropping him off as a fare he got out the car and tested while it was parked up on the road and said there was play in the front left wheel.

When I’ve tried to see if I can the difference I also hear a noise closer to the left side than right while performing it

I don’t see how you can be helped here. We don’t know what country you are in and only that the vehicle is a Seat Toledo . I also suspect that the Audi tech might be overstating his qualifications. If there was play noticeable enough on the ground then on a lift it would be easy to spot.

I guess your hire purchase statement means that your employer furnishes a vehicle and you make payments to them until the vehicle can be yours. If so then you need to explain that you don’t feel safe transporting their customers in this vehicle.

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Well I’d have thought so however I have heard conflicting ones about it’s easier with the full weight on it…

Yeah its hp but separate from the cab company it’s through a dealership…

Oh in the uk

I’ll just keep pushing on I take it my tear wear doesn’t make anything standout?

Cheers for input

They should be able to replicate the play and noise on a drive-on lift and find the problem.

Another thing that sometimes happens when it’s handling it’s worst. Are the tires failing to make proper connection with road when pulling away from parked… spinning like I’m on ice… this also happens at times while taking roundabouts

OK, Just Made . I give up , I really think you have lost any credibility .

Why? Have you never drove on ice and failed to gain traction?

This is exactly like it when I begin to set off at times or when going round a roundabout.