What to do....poor person with oil spotting problem

I have a small oil leak…well, some small spots of oil the size of a baby’s fist on my garage floor. 1995 Chevy Lumina w/87,000. I am very very poor (or I wouldn’t have a 1995 Chevy Lumina). What needs to be done…estimated cost. HELP!

Maybe you have to do nothing to fix. Some leaks are not a serious problem. Some are easy to fix. Others are a big problem and expensive to fix. You have to inspect the vehicle and see where it is coming from. Is it engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid. How are all of your fluid levels?

Don’t know the specifics so can’t say what cost would be. Clean garage floor and park car. Later note where spots are in relation to underside of car if you can eyeball under car, maybe you can see where leak is. Also pop hood get flashlight and see what you can see. Motor oil is amber when new, black when dirty. Trans fluid- usually red, or redish black. Power steering fluid greenish black new, black when dirty. Anti freeze- green- brake fluid amber, darker when older. Do this and post back- we need more info- and good luck.

Speaking as one poor person to another, I say: Get a piece of cardboard- put it on the ground under the engine- then go have a beer.

I do agree w/ the other guys that it would be helpful to know exactly what fluid you’re leaking; so check the levels of your oil; xmission; brakes; coolant; steering - fluids.

If the leak happens to be from either of the latter two, it might just be a loose or leaky hose and a cheap/easy fix.

If it’s engine oil or transmission fluid, --and you really are really poor-- I personally would just live w/ it and pray the leak doesn’t get much worse for a while. Fixing a leak from one of those can get pricey. Just keep on top of adding fluid.

If, on the off chance, it’s BRAKE FLUID-- you need to fix it. Brakes are important.

Buy a cheapo turkey pan at Dollar General and slide that sucker under the leak . . . that’l cost you a dollar. Then leave the pan there overnight, and pull it out after you park for say . . 12 hours. Post back with a description of the fluid. A spot the size of a babys’ fist is not that much . . . especially if it takes a few days to make it. The other posters have it nailed as to what the fluid COULD be, but let’s have YOU describe the fluid and the amount . . then maybe we can suggest something. My old Accord (1989 with 441,000 miles on it) drips about 1/4 of a quart every oil change/3000 miles . . . no big deal (that’s about $0.50 every oil change!). Do it now however, because the comment about the brake fluid is especially important . . . brakes are really something to address as soon as you become aware of a problem. Rocketman

If it’s oil, just buy a 4 liter jig of oil when it’s on sale, and add oil as needed. That’s a real cheap solution. Any garage repairs are going to cost more.