What to do next to stop over heating of rear brakes/ wheel on my Toyota Land Cruiser '90 series 80?

The mechanically advanced friend helped me replace the brake hose with a re-manufactured one and retreated the over adjusted brake shoes on both sides. It is cool running so far. He suggests we go on further and remove the self-adjuster arm that is held on with the E washer. Then put a washer for the space that piece had on that mechanism then reinstall the E washer. So that it has to be manually adjusted. The second option is to not use the emergence/hand brake at all since it is used in adjusting the brakes to keep it from over tightening and then overheating. Just see if it returns to locking up again after along amount of driving. What do you guys think is the best option??

Have read up some on it Twinturbo there has been some heavier duty coil springs put on it by the last owner. That is it is higher at the rear than when I owned it before. How does one unstuck the self-proportionate adjusting valve or just replace it if it is available here?

Well this is to finish the story with giving Thanks to you all for the advice it seems to be solved with just that rear flexible brake hose replaced and not using the hand brake for now. No more heating up the real test is to go for the 9 hour safari to the bush and pull a loaded trailer too. Next month we’ll do that. Enjoy the day on Thursday if you are from the home of the brave.