What to buy?

I’m an avid surfer who travels a round-trip total of 3 hours each weekend from a city apartment to a little shack by the beach (and then, unfortunately, back to the city again). The shack is on an unpaved road with the occasional pothole.

After years of using car rental services, I’m finally ready to take the plunge and purchase a vehicle. It should perform well on the highway and get good mileage - - in fact, I would vastly prefer a hybrid. It should also be high off the ground (to handle those puddles and pot-holes) and should have a roof that is the right size and style to accommodate surfboards.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!


The only “high” off the ground hybrids are the Escape and Highlander…unless some one knows another. I would opt for a 2wd version of a compact SUV whose mileage will be close to a Highlander or Escape for a lot less $$$$$$. RAV, CRV, Mazda, regular Escape come to mind. Good luck in your search.

Thanks for your ideas. Really appreciate it.

If hybrid is not a requirement, I’d go for a Subaru Outback/Forester.


Thanks a lot. Really appreciate the suggestion.

I can’t think of a better vehicle than the Outback. Another choice is the Jetta TDI Sport Wagon. Diesels do better on the highway than hybrids. Hybrid SUVs are usually expensive, but you may find a good deal on the Mazda Tribute Hybrid.

The Honda Fit is popular with surfers and gets good gas mileage, but is not what most would consider to be high off the ground and rugged. My guess is that it would fit your needs.

http://www.cruiserart.com/cruiser/Volkswagen-VW-Hippie-Flower-Van-Surf-Beach-Cruiser.jpg . . . . . High Off The Ground . . . Rugged . . . Just Right Roof . . .

http://images04.olx.com/ui/3/45/62/46514362_1.jpg . . . . . Classic !

You only go around once.

What about a stick shift 4cyl pickup like the Ranger or whatever Toyota/Nissan offers. throw the board in the bed, tie it down, and go.