What to buy after owning a Saab


I had to trade in my 2005 Saab 93 Linear, manual transmission because i was rear-ended and it wasn’t worth repairing. I purchased a 2015 Audi A4 automatic and this car just doesn’t hold a candle to my Saab. I guess I really love fast, sporty cars that are affordable. Any recommendations for other cars to consider?

A GTI with a manual transmission.

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I just recently purchased a vehicle . I made a list of features that were must have - some that would be nice to have - things that I did not want ( premium fuel for one )

I went to most of the manufacture build sites and saw what they had and built one the way I wanted it. I had 6 to look at and test drove each one and narrowed it to 2 . Took wife with me for the second test drive and done.

I seriously doubt that a web site forum would have recommended what we ended up with.

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Just replaced a 2001 Saab 9-5 Aero automatic with a '14 Audi A4 Quattro automatic. I think its a great car but maybe you need a manual.

Interesting!! Thanks for your reply. i actually test drove a Volvo S60 but decided that it felt heavy and was not as nimble as my Saab. I did come very close to getting it instead of the A4. As i think about things now, its quite possible that the issue may also be the difference between driving a manual transmission for 30+ years and now owning an automatic :frowning:

You may be right about that. There are definitely big differences in handling and maneuverability.

I am starting to think its the manual vs. automatic that is the main issue for me. thanks for your reply.

Use the shifting mode on the transmission. In heavy stop and go traffic let it do the shifting and have the best of both worlds.

Edit: I don’t know how long you have had this vehicle but I think you should give it time. Not knowing where you are but I can’t seem to go anywhere around here that I don’t encounter road construction , traffic backups with stop and go . Not willing to mess with a manual shift again.

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If you chose the FWD model you got a CVT transmission. I did not think it drove as well or as sporty as the 8 speed conventional ZF automatic in the Quattro.

I got the AWD Automatic-Transmission-2-0L-Quattro 8 speed with Tiptronic feature

Well, what can I say? I like the Audi as well as the Saab… more importantly, my wife likes it as well and since its her car, that’s the important thing. Maybe the nimble part is 9-3 vs A4, rather than 9-5 vs A4. The A3 is comparable to the 9-3 in size and built on the same floorpan as the VW GTI.

A few miles from my home, there is a fairly affluent family that used to have a personal fleet consisting of nothing but Saabs. One by one, they retired all of the Saabs, and replaced each and every one of them with an Audi. The parking area in front of their office looks almost like an Audi showroom, with various late-model Audis parked there.

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My wife made the ultimate decision since the Saab was hers. We looked at a number of cars. The Audi had the best interior, by far, and the seat “fit” her better than other cars. She has a bad back and hip so the “fit” was critical. These cars are expensive new but are a huge bargain in the 3-4 year old used market since so many are leased. The car we bought came with a brand new set of Continental tire$. Bonus!

So shortly after buying it we have a several posters asking questions about '14 and '15 Audis - one replacing another Saab. And your comment about a family transition from Saabs to Audi. Coincidence?

I am in Chicago and there is a ton of road construction here as well. Thanks for your advice. I will give it more time to adjust. I have owned many cars but they have always been manual transmission. The switch to automatic is likely what i am having trouble adapting to.

Just wait until this winter when you discover how much easier it is to get around in the snow with this automatic all wheel drive vehicle.


The real challenge to your question is the affordable part. That disqualifies most European branded vehicles. I don’t know how quick a “Linear” version of the 9 3 was. Can you tell us what its 0-60 MPH time is/was? I’m guessing about 7+ seconds. Here are my four favorite cars that are quick and nimble at 4 different price points. My research says the 9 3 of that era had 93 cubic feet of passenger volume. The Hyundai Elantra GT Sport in this story has 96 cubic feet, so it is a smidge larger inside than the Saab was. That is my favorite of the four in the story (GTI, BMW X2, and Ford Focus RS are the other three).

I will keep that in mind! I didn’t look at VW this time because I need a car that’s a little more upscale.

I will circle back because to VW. I test drove a Jetta when I was looking back in 2004 and remembered liking it.

Saab’s 0-60mph was 6! I need a car that’s a little more upscale. I considered BMW but felt that the Audi would be better suited for driving clients around. Also, my Saab was Manual transmission while my Audi is automatic. That may be making a difference for me too. I’m going to check out your recommendations. Thank you very much for the suggestions

It just seems the statement driving clients around and a 13 year old Saab don’t go together . This Audi is more in line with that plus the auto will let you pay more attention to your clients and let you wave your right hand around for emphasizing your bullet points.

While i took really good care of my Saab, its hard to argue with your logic. The Audi conveys an image of success and luxury. The Saab was just so much more fun for me to drive.