What to buy after owning a Saab


i test drove the A3 and didn’t like it at all. Its good to hear that you like your Audi and had a Saab previously also. Maybe i will give it more time. I do believe the difference between manual and automatic is making a difference. This will be my first automatic transmission.

I am not familiar with your car but with most others the standard up shift schedule is too quick and frustrating and down shifting seems to be non existent. This is engineered to achieve the fuel economy ratings. If there is a “sport” button this selection gives you the normally expected performance from your car.

Note that he bought the Audi used. I think majority of these cars are leased as are BMW’s, Mercedes, Volvos, Cadillacs, Lincolns and other expensive cars. They re-enter the market in 3 years at with 30-36K miles and sell for 45 to 55% of the price when new with 75 to 85% percent of life left in the car. That makes them very affordable, IMHO. You likely will pay more for service than the brands you referenced but in the meantime you get the benefits of high end interiors, and better driving dynamics.

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Well said. Plus with the CPO programs, the new buyer usually gets at least a year with a comprehensive warranty and a multi-year drivetrain warranty.

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The A4 is the minimum size you should have for driving clients. Depending on your business, it should be more like an A6 size. The A3 is too small, IMO.

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I bought a SAABaru after 30 years with various SAABs. It was a WRX with a SAAB nose. I loved it! The transition from SAAB to (sort-of) Subaru was easy, they were so fun to drive. So buy a WRX! You won’t be sorry.

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i hated the A3. The A4 is good for clients. I prefer smaller, sportier cars so this car is a change for me given that its more luxury than sporty

thanks for weighing in on this. i drive clients around so i need something a little more upscale yet fun to drive. part of the issue for me may also be the transition from manual to automatic!!! A4 is also a tad larger than my Saab was.