What size of inverter is safe for a Mitsubishi eclipse 2000


I have a mitsubishi eclipse 2000 (4 cylinder).

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, all the local stores are sold out of generators.

I am thinking of purchasing an inverter to provide power if I loose power (which could be several days).

The question I have is – what size of inverter is safe to use with a car like my Mitsubishi eclipse 2000 (4 cylinder)?

Other questions:

  1. Mounting tips?
  2. How long can I run the inverter idling my eclipse?
    like can I hook it up and leave my car running for days at a time?


I would say no more than a 1000 watts. But its not going to run much. A small TV or a small microwave. It wont run a frig. The car can run for days as long as you check the fluids. Do not run it your garage. You will be better off to find a generator.

Thanks @oldbodyman, I’m talking to a person selling a 1200W inverter so I guess we’re ok.

I just need my internet router, my laptop a fan and a small light powered to keep my sanity :-).


I think 200 watts, tops, your car uses some of the alternator output. Say it’s a 60 amp alternator, that’s 720 watts at peak output. Your car uses some of that, and you’ll get less at idle. Ones you plug into the cigarette lighter are more like 150 watts.

How would you connect the inverter to the car?

And if you have no power, you probably won’t have an internet signal to put through your router.

Doesn’t the phone company supply its own voltage? However, if there is a wide-spread outage, they may not be able to do it.