What size EGR Valve nut wrench for 1992 G20 van

My old 84 g20 van used both metric and sae. Lots of parts came from Mexico. I’m guessing ‘92s are mostly metric but keep the sae set handy.

I think they are referring to the adjustable wrench. But even if you could get the wrench to fit, those wrenches weren’t designed for removing bolts and nuts that have experienced years of heat. Remember the ‘cresent’ only grabs 2 of the six sides of a nut and is almost guaranteed to warp and round the nut. Then you’ll need vice grip to remove the nut assuming you have the room.

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If I saw a mechanic use a crescent wrench on a hex head nut/bolt on my vehicle I’d pay him to put everything back like he found it and drive away after paying him for his trouble.

Crescent wrenches are good for holding trailer hitch balls while tightening the nut and holding a steering rack while loosening and tightening the inner tie rod end and just right off I don’t recall any other reason to pull one out of the tool box.