What sections of a bent car frame can be tolerated?

This is relating to a 2005 Hyundai Getz. As seen in the image; where you would attach the radiator support to the mounting plates of the frame of the car, both mounting plates are bent (both sides) and broken (only on one side). Can this be fixed at a reasonable price, or will the car be written off because the frame is damaged, but only the brackets?

Impossible to answer your question. You gave no information about the car. Frames can be repaired as can that bracket you have shown. The repair cost compared to the value the car determines if it will be written off.


Dean . you don’t say where you are or how the " Frame " was damaged if you even have a frame or this unknown vehicle is a unibody type vehicle. That means you should have a body shop look at it and also contact your insurance if you have full coverage.

Thank you for your response and advise

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