What’s the purpose of 12 point sockets

Per Hemmings, something I didn’t know before but the English sometimes use Whitworth spanners. Not metric or SAE but their very own system. So if you are working on an English old car, and nothing fits, it’s probably whitworth. Thought it was interesting and glad I didn’t get more deeply into fixing my Morris Minor.

I’ve heard reference to those fasteners as well. Off topic, I’ve noticed when attempting to repair an electronics gadget, for Japanese phillips-style screws, best results w/ Japanese screwdrivers. Dimensions of the flutes slightly different.

Yep, those are JIS screws. Also cause problems on motorcycles:
What’s the Difference Between Japanese and Phillips Screwdrivers? - Ask MO (motorcycle.com)

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My 72 triumph motorcycle was whitworth sized nuts and bolts. Had sockets to the 32nds or an adjustable wrench