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Unusual Snap-on 5 point socket

I was reorganizing my tools today and found a socket that I aquired somewhere.

It is a Snap-on 5…yes five point socket 3/8 drive shallow socket. The only other printing on it is a B 2190 and I’m wondering what it was ever used for.
I don’t know if this was a socket that my dad had, or if I found it somewhere. Maybe it came along with a part at some point. Like all the allen wrenches that you aquire free with the parts for some item you have to assemble.

Has anyone seen this before.


The 4l60 bell housing bolts are t50 and have 1 missing prong. It’s a 6 point drive so the angle is 60 deg between each but 1 is missing. Maybe it is for those bolts?

More than likely it fits electrical cabinet security bolts.

Called a ‘Penta Security Socket’, it seems:

They’re called Pentagon sockets and can’t say as I’ve ever had a need for one. I’m not sure but maybe those sockets are used in the non-automobile world? Maybe by utility companies and so on?

I think some fire hydrants use 5 point heads but considerably larger in size than what you have.

Thanks @texases; I had searched the snap on site with no results.

Wonder now where I may have gotten it.
I guess I’ll just put it with the other oddball tools that I have aquired thru the years.

I also have some boxed end wrenches that have a square 4point hole, but I figure those are from when they used square nuts, or i’ve seen square heads on adjustment bolts but can’t remember where.


They still use square nuts. The set screws on garage door springs are square. I went down to get a socket and the guy found something odd ball for me but not square. I painted it brown so I’d know it was different. When our office moved, we had about 5000 square feet of utility shelves that had to be taken apart. I actually made a square socket to fit the burrs to use a power driver. Some day someone will look at it and wonder what the heck it is.

Maybe a fire hydrant?-Kevin

The pentagonal socket is for electrical panels. A work- around for a 4 point socket is a 12 point one, find one that fits by trial and error.

Now I have to find some bolts with the 5 point head.
Then I can put them where ever I can and really screw with somebody’s mind.


My water meter in my front yard has a 5-sided bolt securing the lid. Pliers can take it right off. Not much security.

Pad mount electric transformers have a 5 sided bolt that secure the lid or doors, they all seem to be one size.

FWIW, one of the transformer wrenches we have on the truck at work has a Snap-On socket pinned on it, we also have cheaper stamped steel wrenches.

Come to think of it…the wife used to be a pipe fitter, truck driver, and backhoe opperator for the gas company. I remember they were contracted to do water repair for one community at one point. Maybe she brought it home at some point and I ended up with it.