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What pros and cons does your car have?

HYUNDAI has a problem with the car’s steering system, heavy steering, and abnormal noise. But its shape is young and fashionable. I like it.

Your Hyundai problem is not typical. We ave several friends and relatives who own Hyundais and are completely satisfied with them and don’t have the problems you stated.

We have a Toyota and a Mazda and find them very satisfactory, or we would not have bought them in the first place.

It’s very important to test drive a car before you buy it.

09 Focus
Pros- it gets me from point A to point B

Cons- it’s not a perpetual motion machine with the ability to break the first and second laws of thermodynamics allowing me to skip the gas station


Seriously , all models and all years ? Please explain because I have no idea what young and fashionable is anymore . I either like the look of a vehicle , don’t like it or it is just Ok.
Plus even if I like the looks it better not have any driving characteristics that annoy me .

2013 Mustang GT

Pros - Goes fast, handles great, looks great, you can buy ANYthing to pretty it up or make it go faster from multiple sources.

Cons - cheap interior, useless back seat.

2017 Rav 4, GPS maps upgrade costs $700 at the dealer, We have garmins, but we have run into a few incorrect exit on right or left.

2016 Lexus ES 350. Pros. Quiet. Amazing ride. Just glides right along. Plenty of power when you need it. Lots of nice luxo touches. Radar cruise control is wonderful. I never knew I wanted a heated steering wheel before I had a heated steering wheel. :wink: Cons: Fidgety infotainment system that needed a better user interface. Sun visors are too short.

2012 Hyundai Veloster. Pros: Looks cool. Painted orange. Great technology level for a cheap car. Driving it really reminds me of my old CRX. Cargo space is enormous. Reliability has been really excellent, right at 100,000 miles. Cons: No heated seats in MN (we changed this aftermarket), the DCT transmission is, as with lots of DCTs, somewhat fussy and glitchy especially at slow speeds. Underpowered (by my standards).

1993 Toyota MR2: Pros: People think it’s a Ferrari. Another pro: It’s not a Ferrari. :wink: An absolute blast to drive. Handles like it’s on rails. T-tops don’t leak (!) and are lots of fun in the summer. Cons: It’s old and is costing more money to keep on the road. Underpowered for its looks. Unsuitable for driving on anything but nice summer days. Will earnestly try to kill you if you drive it on ice.

1991 Honda CRX: Pros: Nearly mint condition. Try finding that these days. :wink: Drives like a street-legal go-kart. Comfortable, roomy, and lots of cargo space. One of the coolest cars Honda ever made. Cons: Needs to be re-engined before I can drive it again (that’s also a pro, because I can put something fun in there :wink: )

1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup truck: Pros: Bulletproof. Nothing can kill this thing. Runs just fine at well over 200,000 miles. Hauls a lot of weight. I’ve had a yard of wet dirt in it, which weighs more than 2,000 pounds. Did just fine. Saves me loads of money from renting pickups every time I need to haul something. Cons: Power steering? What’s that? Radio? What’s that? Air conditioning? What’s that?

Amusingly, of all the cars I have, the old, rusty Mighty Max is the only one that routinely gets notes left under the wiper blade asking if I’d be willing to sell it.

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2009 Toyota Corolla.
Pros: Good fuel economy, reliable, decent room for a smallish car (I’m 6’+ and headroom matters), no hot rod but adequate pep for my humble needs
Cons: Doesn’t have newer safety features like cross traffic warning, no GPS

1962 Cadillac 4 door hardtop
Pros: makes me smile every time I drive it.
Smooth, quiet ride.
Seats as comfy as a living room couch.
Adequate power.

No safety features
Need for frequent maintenance (plugs, points, etc.)
Handling is not exactly crisp.

1960 Chrysler 300F
The look on people’s faces when I lift the hood and they see the two four barrel carbs mounted out near the wheel wells.
The fact that it shifts into third gear at 95 mph under full throttle.
Gorgeous styling.
The most beautiful and functional instrument panel ever ( the Astradome with electroluminescent lighting)
A pretty good ride for a high performance car.

Lousy brakes.
Even less safety equipment than the Caddy.
Changing plugs is difficult.

My car has no pros or cons. It is not professional at anything nor has it ever been arrested much less convicted of anything.


I’ve got half a dozen cars and haven’t had a car payment for 48 years, but the cons with 4 of them is that they are buried in snow and ice.

My 2 favorites are an old Dodge Caravan and an old Pontiac Grand Prix because they take me to the Sun Coast for the winter, live here with me, and haul my butt all over it.

For me, I enjoy owning and driving them (the Grand Prix is like sitting in a hand), I was more into cars once, but now I’m more concerned with latitude and attitude than with iron. I’m trying to maintain an even strain. Open the windows some more and pass the wine, please, and turn up the classic rock.
:palm_tree: :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

2016 Mustang GT (5.0L, 6 speed manual)

Pros- It’s pretty fast
-It handles well
- The optional performance pack brakes are amazing
- it’s well equipped
- fuel economy is pretty decent for what it is
- aftermarket support is huge
- Sync 3 infotainment system is easy to use
- HID Headlights are the best I’ve ever had in car
- Proximity key is game changer if you’ve never had a car with one.

Cons - It’s heavier than it should be
- The HVAC system has been nothing but problems
- fuel tank should be somewhat larger
- fit and finish are below average for the price point
-the factory exhaust is way too quiet. The newer models have a better stock exhaust (driver adjustable. IMHO the older 2 and 3 valve modular engines had a more pleasing old school exhaust note.

2019 F-150 (Crew Cab, short bed, 4WD, 3.5L Ecoboost, 10 speed automatic)

Pros - Ecoboost + 10 speed combo offers impressive performance while still getting close to 20 MPG in mostly local driving
- Fit and finish is noticeably better than the Mustang
- Interior is roomy
- Sync 3 is easy to use
- High resale value
- feels solidly built
- decently equipped (has most of the things you want in a vehicle)

Cons - Aluminum body = higher potential repair costs and thus higher insurance rates the competition
- Ecoboost V6 has a decidedly flaccid exhaust note
- Seat texture is kinda odd
- parking can be a bit of a chore.
- 36 gallon fuel tank = fiscal cold sweat at every fill up
- Dealers seem to only stock trucks with the same option package breakdown for a given trim level. I.E. most XL’s will have the same options, most XLT’s will be equipped the same, and so on. This can be frustrating because you’re probably not going to find a truck equipped how you want it, without ordering it. It like the dealers I visited ordered two dozen XLT’s in random colors, but all had the same option packages (and individual options too).

1974 Triumph TR6 ( 2.5L I6, 4 speed manual)

Pros- It’s got panache and character
- You feel everything , the road, the car, the wind
- You get a real sensation of speed, going 50 MPH in this car feels like going 80 MPH in a modern car
- It’s mechanically simple. It’s car from the 70’s that utilized 50’s technology.
-You will become more mechanically inclined whether you want to or not, ownership of these cars more or less demands it.
- Great exhaust note

Cons - It’s not a reliable car…even by the standards of it’s day. It was built by idle communists, a workforce that was on strike more than they were on the job.
-parts for it are still available, but chances are autozone isn’t going to have what you need, so you need to plan ahead
- There are no creature comforts to speak of, the heater barely works, no power anything.
- Electrical gremlins were standard equipment, the head lights changing intensity on their own, the horn going off whenever the steering wheel is at full left lock, that’s normal.
- The perpetual oil leak - also normal
- by today’s standards it’s not very fast , handling is okay, and braking isn’t great.
- Fit and finish were bad by 70’s standards, 40+ years later it would be considered “sloppy mechanic on a bender” bad.

I’m too superstitious to post any pro’s about my vehicles b/c as soon as I post one, a problem is sure to turn up :wink:


Love the styling of the 60-61 Chrysler, but prefer the New Yorker trim, just like the chrome on the NY. Also the 60 Desoto.
If you are not a purist, you can always upgrade brake and ignition.

I had a 1960 New Yorker 2 door hardtop for a few years, easily the most beautiful car I’ve ever owned. I agree with you about the DeSoto.

Then just post the cons . . .


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First car, 1947 Pontiac purchased for $75 back in 1961.

  1. Great price
  2. Transported me and my worldly possessions 350 miles to graduate school.
  3. Had great heating system with an underseat heater.


  1. Used a quart of oil.every 250.miles.
  2. With the fastback design, the rear window was just a skylight. Vision to the rear was terrible.

2012 Toyota Camry LE

Pros, paid for great gas mileage and reliability.

Cons, can’t haul 4X8 sheets of anything. Touchscreen radio, I would have preferred knobs and buttons. Could have that in the L model but would have had to give up remote locks.