What problems do I expect from an Infiniti FX35?

I am wondering if the Infiniti FX35 has any recurrent problems or issues I should be aware of when purchasing a used one.

Best thing to do is look at the reliability history for this vehicle in Consumer Reports 2009 “Big Book” or the Apr 08 Car edition. You can see some trends if enough history of repair, etc has been reported.

CR indicates the only areas less than ‘better than average’ on used FXs are the brakes and audio system. Overall, very reliable vehicles, regardless of year. So it’ll come down to how well the one you’re looking at was maintained.

Thinking back… I have a 2004 FX35 w/ 93,000 miles… the only thing that has really died was the Power Steering pump at 75K and Infiniti fixed it under warranty (I have a good relationship with the dealer)… just replaced the battery after 6 years (that is to be expected)… It is easy on tires (I run ‘winter’ tires for a short winter season, but have about 75K on the original Bridgestones), I upgraded the brake pads when they were replaced at 80K… I run Mobil 1 synthetic… I plan to keep it for lots longer and am quite confident that it will be as trouble free as any other crossover. It has served me well and I still think it was an excellent decision…