03 Infinity FX v.s. 05 Cherokee

I’m not sure I’m going to purchase either vehicle, but if it were you, which would you buy?

The same person owns both, and is looking to get rid of one of them. I’m still not sure of what the final price for either will be, but for the sake of argument, assume they’ll go for the same price.

One is an 03 Infinity FX, 82k, 3.5 v6, leather, 20in wheels, heated seats, bose stereo etc. The car has been well maintained.

The second is a 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 5.7 v8, leather etc. 67k.

Opinions? Again, given the the poor gas mileage on each, the replacement cost of tires etc, I’m not sure I’m going to get either. But if the price is right I may consider it.

The Infinty.

We had Jeep GCs at work. We stopped getting them because of poor reliability and cost of ownership. And the ride was like something out of the past. I hated taking those things on long drives.

Thanks mountainbike. The owner let me drive the Infinity for a couple of weeks and it was pretty nice; especially compared to my 01 Focus with 145k on it. I looked at the reliability stats on it on various websites and it was above average.

The jeep gets about the same mileage, 19 mpg overall as the Infinity. I’m leaning towards the Infinity, but will have to get a personal loan because it is older than the Jeep. Therefore the interest rate will be greater.

Reading reviews of the Jeep online is scary. Are the really THAT bad?

Something always seemed to be busted on our Jeeps. Sometimes minor, like the speedo, sometimes major like a drivetrain part.

We now let the security guard drive one of them on the property, but we don’t have plates on it.

I was just curious to know that because the Jeep is a bit newer if that would make up for any reliability issues.

Come to think of it, my old in-laws have two 03 Dodge Grand Caravans and one 03 Toyota Rav4. Currently the Toyota is the only one running.

Does anyone have other opinions about this?


Only to agree with the ‘avoid Jeep’ comments, unless you have need for real 4wd capabilities. On top of the poorer reliability, I would not want to deal with the problems associated with the coming bankruptcy. More comments on your plans for the vehicle would help.

The Infinity has a decent reputation for reliability. The Jeep does not.

What else do you need to know?

That assumes these are the only two vehicles you are considering, which I don’t think is a really good idea. There are LOTS of choices out there. You’re not giving yourself enough options.

If you have to chose, take the Infiniti, as others have recommended. But only if the Infiniti has been well mainitainned and a mechanic checks it out and declares is OK. If not, stay away from either one.

Car buyer shave very short memories; gas will go back up to $4/gallon before either one of the vehicles is worn out!!!

Isn’t the Infinity the one that the transmission could cost real $$$ if went bust? The good thing I can say about the Jeep is that parts are going to be cheaper than the Infinity. I myself like the styling of the Jeep GC and some day might buy one; probably as a second car and when gas hits $5!

If you really need 4WD, go off roading, or tow a trailer then go for the Jeep. If you don’t do those things then the Infinity is a much better car in my opinion. The Infinity will be expensive if it needs repairs, but generally they hold up well.

Before you make a decision check out some new cars, with the factory incentives there are some deals to be had out there. For instance consider a new Ford Fusion. For about the same money you may spend for the Infinity you get a new car with 0 miles and a warranty. Yes, it’s a less fancy ride, but it is new and seems to be building a reputation for good construction and reliable.