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TPS questions

hey everyone,

I recently replaced my Throttle position sensor and at first glance all was well, but the car started doing some weird things especially when driving for longer periods of time. I believe it is misfiring? sort of a lack of power when accelerating.
I’ve been tinkering w the TPS position today, using a live data scan tool, and my issue is at the maximum counter clockwise postion the scan tool still shows it at 3.1% when the throttle is completely closed ( wont adjust to 0%, as ive readit should be). I made that adjustment and drove around the block and is say I got worse.
Any insight on this? I’m having trouble finding info on this specific issue. figuring I might need to locate a voltage meter and try to go that route, or is there something I’m missing using the code scanner?


What model,year,milage on your Subaru?

'04 forester almost 180k. I just needed something and it was cheap. it wasn’t having these issues before replacing the sensor.

What was the reason for replacing the sensor in the first place?

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Where did you get the new sensor?
Aftermarket parts can be a roll of the dice.


AT oil light was on, car wouldn’t start, and the codes pointed to a bad TPS. the idle air control went at the same time which seems fishy to me.

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