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What oil?

I have a 1996 Impala SS with 150,000 miles. What engine oil should I by using to keep it going? I heard about hi-mileage oil and what about Mobil-1

High mileage oils are not designed to keep your engine in good condition it is used to keep your car on the road a little while longer after damage has already been done.

Assuming you are not having any problems currently, then continue using what is recommended in the owner’s manual. In most cases if synthetic oil is not required, it can still be used and it will, in general, keep your engine in better condition.

Is your engine using excessive oil? How many miles between times when you need to add oil.

You should continue to use the same quality oil that got you to 150K miles. It will get you another 150K.

If there were a need for “special” oil after a certain mileage the owner’s manual would tell you about it. I’ll bet there’s no mention of anything other than the recommended oil.

You don’t need that stuff. It’s marketing, and not much more.

“High-Mileage Oil” contains some seal conditioners (softeners) that supposedly will prevent oil leaks from developing…It’s more about shelf-space…The more bottles of oil you can put on the shelf, the greater the chance the customer will choose your brand…