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What kind of Spark Plug Wires for a 1993 Camry

I have a 1993 Toyota Camry V6 XLE. It idles very rough in damp weather. I want to replace the Spark Plug Wires/ I have hear the quality of plug wires varies quite a bit. I want to buy a good long lasting set of plug wires. Anyone have any recommendations ?



Since you’re in the neighborhood, you might want to replace the distributor cap and rotor, too.

I’ve used Denso wires and NGK wires with good results on my '94. The Denso seem to fit a little better and they come with the clips needed to attach them to the distributor cap.

NGK and Denso are the ignition component suppliers to Toyota for these vehicles. I’d stick with one of them. I’ll use nothing but these brands on my Toys.

And I agree with those that suggest replacing the distributor cap and rotor…and I’d change the spark plugs also.

I agree with all the above except to take it a step further and call it a tune up and replace air, fuel filters, and pcv valve.

Any good set from your local parts store will do fine.

A good brand is Whitaker with a bigger price too, but they work. Don’t buy Belden because they don’t always. In fact, they say to avoid NAPA for electrical or electronic stuff. I like Sorensen for ignition coils but most others work. I like Motorcraft wires but they can be too thick. Just don’t buy the cheapest stuff.

I would recommend OEM brand.  Don't buy those fancy fat colored expensive wires.  They are for looks not function.