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2004 Toyota Camry - Which plugs?

I have a 2004 Toyota Camry LE, 2.4L. What kind of plugs should I use? Platinum, iridium or other?

Do you have the owners manual? If so, that should be in the specifications section. If not, you can download the manual at the Toyota site.


The four spark plugs are easily accessed.

So platinum plugs will last just as long as the original platinum plugs.


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Stick with the OEM type. People occasionally have issues when trying some other type.

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I am pretty sure your car calls for Denso plugs. Toyotas run great with the correct plugs, I have heard not so great with non OEM plugs. I could not find the exact plugs from the various parts stores for my Corolla so I bought them from the dealer. Surprising the price was competitive. Very easy to replace them.

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From your owners manual