What is wrong?

The charge light has come on on my 1985 Toyota pickup. I have replaced the altenator about a year a go. Also when the charge light came on the the heat gage and blinkers went out as well. quite frustrating. This happend today after I replaced the Radiator after it had a blow out yesterday. I have an idea that it might be one of the relay switches in the fuse box. does anyone eles have an idea??

There may be a blown fuse or broken wire causing this. I would first try to see why the blinkers are not working. If there are any fuses or fusible links under the hood check them.

I Have cheked the fuses and the wires everything seems to be looking good. all fuses are good. is there a good way to check the relay switches?

Follow Cougar’s suggestion of ascertaining why the blinkers are not working. They ought to work on just battery power, independent of any alternator problems if indeed any exist.

Relays can only be tested by removal from the vehicle and, at the workbench, test for proper resistance and open/close operations according to the factory repair manual. Of course there are work-arounds. In some cases you can swap identical relays.