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What is this tool?

Inherited some things from a cousin who worked on cars. What is this for?

It is a hone that can be chucked in a drill. Depending on it’s size it could be for drum brake cylinders (small) or engine cylinders (large).


Yep, probably for drum brake cylinders. That was a common part of a brake job, since the cylinders often leaked. New rubber seals and boots, and hone the cylinders before the new parts went in. But if the internal corrosion was too bad, time for new cylinders.

Hard to tell the size from the picture but it looks too big for a brake hone. I’d say an engine cylinder hone. When over-hauling an engine, the cylinders are bored out. Then they are honed to put the cross scratches in it to seal the rings.


It’s to smooth out any bumps, ridges, etc on the inside of a hollow round opening. A common job mechanics do when repairing a car’s engine cylinders, brake hydraulic cylinders, clutch hydraulic cylinders, etc. there’s different sizes of that gadget depending on the inside diameter of what you want to smooth out.

I am very impressed with the tool box. I have some stuff that looks too new to have done any work and mine certainly never saved me as much money as that one did.

I still own my wheel brake cylinder hone, though I’ve not used it in many years. There was a time when I used it several times a week. Seeing that picture is a reminder of how times have changed.

Yes, we used to fix things. Now we replace them. And spend the time we “save” wondering why we have problems with garbage dumping and environmental deterioration.


I used to always rebuild my brake wheel cylinders and master cylinders, but for years now it is close to impossible to a purchase replacement part kit.