What is this aluminium thing under my car

Heard something dragging from underneath my car. Looked underneath my car and found this aluminum like material hanging down. Wanted to know if this is important.

It is a heat sheild. Yeah a bit important or the car manufacturer wouldn’t have put it there. Take it to a muffler shop so they can wire it back up.


Talk about a UFO! Ugly Flopping Object. I think some cars were designed in Roswell.


When manufacturers started using catalytic mufflers they added heat shields because if a vehicle stops on tall grass the heat can catch the grass on fire. If you’re never around tall grass you don’t need it.

Well, many of those shields are between the converter and the body, not the ground, to protect the passenger compartment from heat. I’d get it fixed.

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It’s a big metal thing dragging on the ground under your car. It stands to reason that you get it looked at by a shop that can stop the dragging.