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What is the right mix for anntifreez

i live in a very hot weather, what is the ratio mix for the coolant?

Why would the standard 50/50 mix not apply to your situation?


Usually 50/50. Sometimes in colder climates, you have to go a bit higher than that to lower the freezing temperature, but a 50/50 blend should provide boil-over protection to as hot as your engine will ever get.

But watch what you buy at the parts store.

– Read your label –

If you’re buying a gallon of something with the terms ‘pre-mixed’, ‘ready to use’, ‘50/50’ and such…DO NO MIX WITH WATER it’s already right.

If it’s the ‘concentrate’ it’ll have a chart on the back, that’s when you mix 50/50 with water.

It’s on the back of the bottle.

For the entire continental US a 50/50 mix is recommended. Alaska North Slope would use maybe 60/40. The stuff is now called ENGINE COOLANT (not antifreeze)since it is supposed to be used on a year round basis.

So, forget about the heat; it is the winter temperature you design for. Coolants also have rust inhibitors and water pump lubricant, so don’t use water only if you live in Hawaii.

Usa a 50/50 mix as everyone else has stated. If you want to get really technical test the mix you made with a refractometer for coolant or a temperature compensating coolant tester.

I have a simple hydrometer, used to be called an antifreeze tester, that gives the temperature my mixture is good for. Same principle as my wine hydrometer, which tells me when I have reached 12% alcohol and the fermentation process is complete.