what is the best anti-freeze to use. the 50-50 already mix,are the kind you have to the 50-50 mix good for winter driving.

It depends on your local temperatures. If the tempertures are VERY cold, you may need a mixture which is greater than 50/50…maybe, 60/40 or the like. The data is (usually) on the container of antifreeze.

It’s basically the same. HOWEVER, read your owner’s manual and use the type (chemically) it recommends. For instance, Toyota uses a different type from General Motors.

It did not use to matter in the past, but now there are diffenrent types (chemically) on the market and it is not wise to mix them.

Toyota’s antifreeze comes both pre-mixed (ready to add) or concentrated with water to be added.

Before you buy, read the label to see if it is suitablke for your car.

Usually, you get more anti-freeze for your money with the 100% stuff. Why pay for half water?? It’s kind of like “Light Beer”.

Ready mixed or concentrated, it’s all the same thing. Concentrate is typically cheaper and therefore it is preferred for flushing and refilling. The mix is useful to carry around with you or to purchase on the road to top up when necessary.

50-50 is the best mix. It’s ideal for all conditions except maybe true Arctic climates.

50/50 mixed is for convenience. Which way you go is your call. 50/50 is good for all vehicles in all locations in all weather. In fact, that last sentence is the standard adopted 40+ years ago when everyone (about the same time) asked why we were playing games with water ratios and going through the needless annual radiator freeze check. You own a car in Florida and drive to see Grandma in Minnesota? No problem. Did I put too much water in this summer? No problem. Did Aunt Ida get her radiator checked before tonight’s freeze? No problem. 50/50 is easy to mix and works real good at 115 degrees in Arizona too. The other standard also adopted 40+ years ago was don’t add water to your radiator… unless it’s an unavoidable situation. Early October day 1959: Bob’s corner station in Anywhere, Upper MidWest has 16 more cars to check. Many will need to be drained down - so enough 100% coolant can be added - so they can pass a freeze test. …It was major NUTS. If your car manual recommends a specific type and/or ratio - do it.

The redi-mix has a purified water. If you mix your own, you should use distilled or purified water with the concentrated.

Personally I prefer to go with a 2:1 mix. It’s not for the additional freeze or boiling protection, its for the additional corrosion protection. With a 5 year change cycle for the new antifreezes, its easy to forget the time due and go a little too long.

I prefer the non-mixed but mainly because when flushing the cooling system, you can’t get all of the water out and need to add full strength to get the necessary 50/50 ratio.

I don’t know of too many places where a 50/50 mixture isn’t best…But there are some…Mainly Alaska and Northern Maine. I’ve only seen below -35 ONCE in my life.