What is the best resources to carry for 1800 KM trip?

Surprised that penetrated a tire.

I used drive on dirt roads often, not only do they offer poor footing for jacks, AAA (etc) won’t go there. I carry scraps of 2x6 and a small entrenching tool so I can make my own. Have high-centered a few times because the edge of a gully in the road gave way.

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Yeah, sometimes you have to improvise. My '65 Econoline a had channel iron rear bumper. (PO installed). Going up a steep hill, it lost traction… sudden tire fail on the RR. It must have been at least 20 degrees, so the jack was useless. We found a convenient length of log, braced it under the bumper and rolled back. Chocked the front tires with rocks and swapped the tire. All cars should be so easy.

I considered taking out an ad in the back of Pop Mechanic. :smile: