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Long distance trip

I am going to be driving my 97 honda passport from souther Utah to central Oregon next week, its approximately 834 miles. My worry is my car has 290k on and a rear main seal leak, so it burns oil pretty good and has a tick from the previous owner running the oil too low. I am curious to get opinions on this trip.

Well that’s not that far. Just keep the oil level up and check other things over before you go. Cell phone and a credit card. What’s the worst that can happen? You dump the car and rent one to get back.


Well it is a one way trip and all my stuff i own will be in the car lol

What route are you taking? If you’re going the way I think you are there will be a lot of desolate areas.

A big chunk of the drive is across nevada

Im thinking i just take it easy and not push the car stop often and make it a two day trip. The good thing is im not on any kind of tine crunch im relocating and then looking for work when i get there. I just have never driven that far myself or alone before. The car has been very trust worthy over the past year and a half and i have made a couple trips to vegas in it which is avout 250 miles each way.

What’s about taking I-15 north to Salt Lake City, then use I-84 west to Portland? You avoid the desolate Nevada desert. There is the desolate Utah desert, but I-15 has a lot of stops, and the State Police should be close if you have an emergency. The Nevada State Police could be a few hours away if you get stuck. You can cut off I-84 whenever it makes sense to head to your new home.

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Whereabouts in Central Oregon are you talking about?

I80 from Wendover to Winnemucca is a pretty desolate area but it’s a busy highway. Still, if you have car trouble and need parts or repairs, you’re still likely to be pretty far away from somewhere that will have what you need. A 21 year old Isuzu is not a very common car on the road anymore.

Once you turn north at Winnemucca you’re ok on US95 but when you turn left at Denio you’re in for some lonely roads the rest of the way to Klamath Falls. Even in the middle of the day you may go half an hour without encountering another car on the highway. It’s a beautiful drive though.

I am thinking about going that way but its a lot more mountains which worrys me, the car doesnt like mountains all that much.

I presume this isn’t a short vacation trip & returning to Utah, but you are intended to move to Oregon. If that’s the case, I think your best bet is to sell your Passport in Utah, even if all you can get is $500, and buy another car when you get to Oregon. I wouldn’t attempt that trip w/the problems you are reporting on your 290K Passport. Even if you make it your Passport will still have the same problems and you’ll probably have to sell or otherwise dispose of it in Oregon anyway. Not much bang for the buck for this trip w/your Passport. Another downside to keeping the Passport, you may have emissions testing problems to deal with in Oregon you don’t in Utah.

Still it’s only 800 miles. I do that trip in a long 13 hour day. The car won’t run for 13 hours without a problem?

And thats the thing i am splitting the 13 hour trip up between two days and i plan on stopping plenty in those two days

What difference does it make if you stop or keep going? The car doesn’t really care. I think I had about 450,000 on my Riviera when I was making 450 mile one way trips to Kansas and back again the next day. And 3000 miles a month running around Minnesota the rest of the time. What’s the worst that can happen? Pack an extra lunch.

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Just bring extra oil, a cell phone and a sleeping bag. And a roll of paper towels.