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What is the best brand of spark plug for a Mitsu 2.6 engine?

Hello, I’ve always been a Chrysler owner, especially older Chryslers. I’ve always used Champion plugs on my older V8s with great results. Since I have a Mitsu 2.6 engine in my Caravan, what brand is known to run the best with this engine? Thank you.

You should use the same brand, model, and heat range that is specified in the Owner’s Manual.
In case you don’t have a manual, more than likely the recommended plug is made by NGK or Nippon Denso. Personally, I prefer NGK plugs.

I always install the same thing that I pull out. If the engineers that designed it to use the plug, then I defer to them.

Thank you for your input. I don’t have the manual. For a Japanese engine, I figured going with NGK might be a good choice.

Usually there is a sticker under the hood that states the plugs and gap.

Check the Mitsubishi web site. They probably have an owner’s manual that you can download.

NGK or Denso.

I’ve never owned a Mitsu, but I can tell you that I’ve had problems with Champions in Toyotas.

Champions are strange plugs. Sometimes they work great…sometimes not. I buy name brand plugs that are on sale and roll the dice. I’ve had similar luck with ACDelco plugs.

Some engines are fussier about using the specified brand of spark plugs than other engines. My 1954 Buick called for AC 44 spark plugs, but it ran just fine on Champion J-8 that I got on sale back in those days. My 1978 Oldsmobile with the 260 V-8 engine called for AC spark plugs. I got a good price on Autolite plugs that the book said would interchange and the Autolite plugs worked out fine. However, I picked up a spark plug that supposedly interchanged with a Champion CJ-8 in my lawnmower with a Tecumseh engine. The engine started running roughly and had to be restarted a couple of times before it would smooth out. Ultimately, it wouldn’t fire, so I bought the correct CJ-8 Champion and that fixed the problem. I picked up the substitute plug because I couldn’t find the CJ-8 and was in a hurry. One place I did have problems on the Buick was when I tried dual electrode plugs from Western Auto back in the 1960s. I had continual fouling problems with these spark plugs. I even cleaned them up and tried to use them in the LawnBoy 2 stroke lawnmower. The plugs didn’t work well there either. I think,particularly with today’s engines, you are better off sticking with what the manufacturer recommends.