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What is more reliable for the long haul

I want to pass down a car to my daughter. While I would think this is a no brainer, mechanics I have asked don’t necessarily agree. Should I pass down a 2001 Sebring sedan (6 cylinder) with 92,500 miles or a 2001 Impala with 130,000 miles. Both have had good maintenance and are one owner vehicles. Both have good rubber, new water pumps, brakes. Sebring is on 2nd starter to Impala’s original. Sebring bodywise better and interiors are both very clean. Thanks for comments. I would imagine some will say “if was my daughter, she should have somehing newer regardless”.

Why not ask your daughter which she prefers?

'01 cars are fine to pass down the daughter’s. A free car is a nice gesture.

Of these 2; I’d pass along the Chevy to the daughter and dispose of the Sebring by selling it. The Sebring is just not a well made car and tends to need more frequent repairs. The Chevy will be a cheaper car to keep on the road from this point forward.

Just how long a haul are you expecting? Either way your daughter would be getting a good used car, with a known history of maintenance, from a previous owner that just might step in with some financial assistance in the event of a major malfunction. All for free. What’s not to like. Offering a warranty, express or implied, would be a lot less expensive than buying her a new car. Neither car is a particular gem, but either should get her by long enough to start saving for the car of her choice.

Honestly, In my admittedly non-scientific “research”, Chrysler products do not age very well at all.

I’m just not a Chrysler fan anymore. I’d go with the Impala but should be your daughter’s decision.

You can count this as one more vote for giving your daughter the Impala.
Why saddle her with a car that will be far less reliable as the years go on?

The 01 impala for sure!! The other car needs to be sold ASAP, the v6 (2.7) in the Sebring is one of the worst motors made in the last 20 years. I’m surprised you got 92k out of it, many went to the junk yard with far fewer miles.

I’ve had great success with GM cars. Give her the Impala.

Of the two, I agree with the GM product. It depends on the maintenance both have had as well.

My vote is also for the Impala.

My vote is for the Impala.

Neither of the two cars have a sterling reputation, but the Impala is the better one of the two. Repairs should not cost an arm and a leg, as mentioned. Make sure she keeps up with all the required mainenance.

I also vote for the Impala, but you should let your daughter choose. If she gets to choose, she might take better care of whatever she picks.

If you want your daughter to get the benefit of walking and learning the intricacies of dealing with mechanics and tow truck drivers, giver her the Sebring. (Plymouth Breeze owner.)

Another vote for the Impala.

Ditch the Sebring while it still runs!

Sell them both and buy her a car from a company that has not declared bankruptcy…A Corolla or a Prism perhaps…

@Caddyman, would you please explain the link between Chapter 11 bankruptcy and unreliable vehicles? I can find many other issues that can lead to a need for debt reorganization other than producing a bad product, like poor financial management or bad marketing, for example, that making such a link is difficult.

I agree with Whitey. BTW, the Prizm and contemporary Corolla were built at the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) in Fremont, CA; owned by GM (and Toyota). That puts back to buying from a company that declared bankruptcy.