Car Trade

My son wants to trade his 97 blazer - 95k+ miles with his friend for a 2000 chevy impala 180k miles. Both are in excellent shape. We bought the Blazer from the original owner - the Impala was bought new by his friends Dad and well maintained.

Is this a good thing? My son will be going off to college in Florida where gas prices are over 4.00 a gallon which is why he wants to trade.

Unless for some reason your son needs the Blazer, I’d go for the trade.

How much longer will the Impala last? Think he’ll get through college with it?

Depends on how well the car was maintained, and how good a student your son is. It should go another 70K miles with continued good maintenance.

One thing to keep a close eye on are the intake manifold gaskets. Also be sure the coolant is changed on schedule. Do a Google search for “Dexcool” and you’ll see why.

Since your motivation is gas mileage how do the two cars compare.Me I go for the lower vehicle miles.

I’d keep the Blazer. It has half the mileage of the Impala. And how much driving will he do at College? If he gets to drive the gang to away football games, the friends can pay for gas. He can also get gas money from anyone tht rides home with him. It’ll be less expensive than flying.