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What is closure ratio when a car is test driven?

I have got answers from 10%-70% I’m working on a marketing idea for a new car dealership that has moved to a larger location by several other dealerships

Based on my experience selling cars. About 25%

Does it have to be data on U.S. sales? In Iraq no test drives,sales very good,perhaps pent up demand. It may be good to include some contrasting data in your reasearch.

I must be very stupid, I have no idea what you are talking about!!

I’m a former car salesperson. There is no connection, in my experience, between test drive and sale. People like to test drive new cars, but that doesn’t mean they have any intention of buying.

Good luck with your marketing idea.

We are not talking about cars crashing into each other.Have you ever heard the phrase “closing the sale”? have you ever bought a home and went to the “closing”?

I don’t know about the ratio, but the distance driven seemed to kill a sale if the drive was long. I couldn’t sell a single 92 Camry. It was probably the best car built for the money. Awful dumb name for a car anyway. Kind of like the VW Golf. The Jaguar Vandenplaz edition. The Daihatsu Lanos.

I figure it must be pretty good odds, If you like it enough to take it home and show the wife, you are half way hooked. I brought one home and got a reject based on price, not that it was not a good value but wifey said no way not that much money for a car. Then the one we chose as I knew it needed all brakes redone to the tune of 850, trans and coolant change and really expensive spark plugs she says dang we could have bought the other and broken even, I said I know but I figured it in the price. it was actually about a 6 grand difference after expenses but I’m not telling, but then I have a 100k vehicle instead of a 36 k vehicle